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York Calling covers Miss Innocence

"Miss Innocence (Live at Rift Studios) is being released today alongside Deborah Cher’s latest EP Season of Stone, and we’re hoping we get to listen to a copy of the full EP!

By Jane Howkins

It’s a beautiful track that mixes together moments of folk, country, and americana, and the fingerpicked guitar and haunting violins create a dark and mysterious feel. There’s something very american about the track, and you can just imagine a lone cowboy wandering through the desert, with an air of menace hidden behind the tumbleweeds.

It’s different to a lot of the country music that we get sent to us, with a darkness present that we love. If you’re bored of the usual country stuff, then Deborah Cher’s music may be more up your alley:."

Thanks @York_Calling for the sweet review of Miss Innocence on my new EP !

#Americana #Folk #DeborahCher #NewMusic #DanielLanois #singersongwriter

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